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Hey friend, it's lovely to meet you.


I'm Katie, a wild womxn just like you!





Life is all about writing your own story, so I do just that! I live for freedom, harmony and connection and am cultivating a life with magic all around me. I'm a holistic life, intuitively guiding womxn as they nurture ideas + nourish their passions.




Whilst at Uni I opened my eyes to what living holistically could look like, I faced my own trials and challenges and started to become absorbed in the world of all things well-being. I started to explore a more spiritual lifestyle, I learnt more about my self through yoga,  energy work and meditation. I have manifested a balanced life and I have this awareness of how the different layers of myself are all interconnected and linked. I meditate often, taking time to just be and be guided by my intuition. I try to be mindful and stay in the present as much as I can, and I ground myself to the Earth and connect with nature each day. I absolutely love  rituals of all kind- moon, morning, grounding, forgiveness, letting go rituals - all of them! They help me awaken my divine self, my feminine energy and keep me growing and succeeding. I cook well and eat healthy food (something I want to explore more) and I add movement to each day. Living holistically is part of everything I do! If you want to manifest your vision, then contact me to start your holistic transformation today.


I have always been surrounded my lots of amazing women and I gravitate towards unbreakable female friendships. I am the youngest out of four and love spending time with family in the countryside. I'm Scorpio/Sagittarius (depends what mood i'm in), dog obsessed and live with my boyfriend and our Norfolk Terrier in London. 

I have always been drawn to the more creative side of life and ventured down the more artistic and exciting path. Design was my first love, my passion, so I  went to Uni to study textiles. I worked with some really exciting designers met beautiful people and made life long friendships. After graduating, I felt lost and overwhelmed looking for jobs in an incredibly competitive market. I found myself a  part-time job working as a creative assistant and then moved onto work as a buyer. I learnt a lot during my time in the design industry, but I didn't feel I was speaking my message and living my purpose.


Now I support women who want to live more holistically, to find alignment by nurturing the mind, body and soul, so they can move forward with confidence and clarity. I offer the opportunity to explore different ways to tackle life's big hurdles, find inner calm and help you to be guided by your inner wisdom and connect with yourself on a deeper level.




I was utterly captivated with coaching from the moment I discovered what it was. I have been on my own holistic journey, I have changed my entire life around, and because of coaching, I am doing exactly what I was always supposed to do. I believe that everyone has the answers they are looking for, but sometimes these answers can seem blocked or inaccessible. I work with women in a compassionate and empathetic way, I  bring a new energy and a new perspective to help women navigate the path ahead and discover who they are. As a holistic life coach I am here to listen to you, ask thought provoking questions, hold the space and be curious about your situation, with the intention that you will find your power and wisdom. Through your coaching journey with me, there is the potential for a total life transformation, for you to find holistic alignment and move forward with purpose and confidence. I am a qualified life coach certified by Animas Centre for Coaching. 


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