Does anyone else feel like things are a bit weird at the moment? We’re back to normal, but we’re not back to normal… I have noticed I am spending a lot more time indoors, and I am craving nature, connection and am needing to get in touch with my higher self. At times when I feel a bit disconnected, I am always bought back to my spiritual rituals for answers.

I started looking beyond the tangible, material and logical when I was 19. I was faced with challenges, dealing with grief and constant change, this meant that I began to look for other ways of living, I began seeking answers elsewhere. I started being more spiritual.

I started looking beyond the tangible, material and logical when I was 19.

So today I want to share with you just some of the ways I connect with the universe and nature, manifest and find inner peace in the hope that it sparks something for you.


I am starting with my crystals, my babies. I posted on my insta before about the challenges I faced in the past with mental health, and my crystals were one of the most helpful healing tools I found. Now I use them to ground me, during meditation and for all different types of healing. A little story here, I wanted to get my Mumma a crystal a few years back, and I decided on a Tigers Eye, she then rang me up and told me she’d fallen over on the ice and broken her wrist – Tigers Eye is used for healing broken bones. Enough said.


My very good friend and fabulous yogi Imogen (my spiritual soul sister and women’s circle partner @thefeministyogini) got me into chakras. I am still learning about the 7 main chakras of the subtle body as well as the nadis – ida, pingala and sushumna. GemYoga ( held a chakra workshop last year which Imogen took me to for my birthday and I learnt so much more here – I would defiantly recommend if you’re wanting to explore your chakras in more depth. I have since been much more aware of my own body, acting as an integrated whole, what is over-active and what is under-active. I will do a blog post all about chakras another time!


This is a simple, one, being mindful, practicing being in the present. Doing meditations using crystals and visualisations helps me to stay grounded, stay connected and find that inner calm.


I am always turning to my oracle cards when I am looking for answers. I have got a pack of Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards which I am kinda obsessed with. Just today I did a small reading which has given me the push I needed to trust in what’s to come. I did a reading for my brother earlier this year, at the time the reading wasn’t so positive, depicting scenes of troubled times, we tried to laugh it off and find other meanings for what the cards said… sadly that wasn’t the case. The cards are incredibly powerful and I use them all the time for guidance.


Connecting with our divine self through visualisation and meditation is a way to find guidance, peace and harmony. Our divine self is often trying to send messages to us, to give us power, impart wisdom and to draw higher thoughts and feelings into our lives. If we can reach our divine self, we are given the opportunity for a better, easier and lighter life. The divine feminine is an energy, it’s sensual and emotion based, it is not related to gender. I try to connect with the divine feminine at all times, this means my creative, intuitive, empathetic and emotional self.


I have started sending out messages to the universe all the time. Recently I have got parking spaces and stopped the rain along with lots more mini personal manifestations. I manifest verbally or in my journal. Love it, love it, love it!


I am talking connection with others, helping others, being supportive. Part of being spiritual for me, is being an empath, feeling the vibrations of others and tapping into this so that I can connect better, feel more and also be there for those that need me. Connection is such a huge part of humanity, and it has been massively tested during COVID. Connecting with ourselves, being grounded and centred is so important, knowing ourselves and being authentic (this is where coaching plays a massive part).


Being in tune with the earth’s cycles, moving with the seasons, being in nature and feeling the elements of the earth. Knowing the moon phases and knowing how this is affects us individually and as a whole, moon rituals and making the most of the moonlight power and energy. Holding my first Women’s Circle with Imogen, creating a space of integrity, openness and respect, sharing ideas and setting intentions for the winter months.

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious." Albert Einstein