Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I have been spending some time really thinking about where I want to take clove+clay and thinking about who I want to connect with, who I want to work with and ultimately who I can serve.

I initially created clove+clay to bring together two worlds – design and coaching, and I am by no means letting go of the message of designing for well-being and the importance of a restorative nest. I have just made an intuitive decision to allow this message to run through clove+clay as an undercurrent.

I have listened to my own inner guidance, I have been meditating, listening to my guides and the messages all around me. I am being taken down a much more spiritual path and being led to new and exciting avenues, collaborations and to wonderful women.

The future of C+C is spiritual, holistic healing, coaching, reiki, aromatherapy and crystals. More women’s circles, more connection, more growth and more love and more power.

What's to Come

Moving forward, I have loads of exciting plans – some are fully underway, and others are in the early stages:

- Holistic Workshops

- Aromatherapy Essential Oils

- More Women’s Circles with my soul sister Imogen (@thefeministyogini)

- Tarot Readings

- Moon Rituals

- More 1:1 Holistic Coaching

- Group Coaching

- Reiki

- Crystal Balancer Sets

- Holistic Coaching Programmes

- More Collaborating with Other Women

I want to reach out to as many women as I can – maybe this is a calling for you the reader, or maybe you have a woman in your life who needs support; whoever you are, wherever you are, reach out now for your own holistic awakening.

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