Don’t you find it funny how someone will say something to you, and then everywhere you go it keeps popping up? This week the hot topic of convo seems to be expectations: setting them too high or not setting them high enough, expectations can be the bane of our lives!

These expectations could be of yourself, maybe you’re expecting an outcome for a situation which hasn’t even happened yet, or you’re expecting too much or too little from yourself.

Or these expectations could be what you think others expect from you. Everyone is going to have their opinion of you, their opinion of what you should and shouldn’t do. But it is not your obligation to fulfil someone else’s vision of you.

Defeating expectations means being compassionate and changing your thinking pattern.

Being Compassionate

This part relates to what we expect from ourselves. Be kind to yourself: practice some self-care or ask yourself “what would my best friend expect of me”, this takes us out of our own head a little bit. When we talk about being kind to ourselves, this is to help us from setting the bar too high.

Know your worth! We all have our strengths, know yours and use them wisely; this helps us from slipping into a low vibration and saying things like “Me? No, I’m not that sort of person” or “I could never do something like that!”.

When we are compassionate to ourselves, we accept ourselves. Someone who accepts themselves is confident, content and calm, now what’s not to love about that?

Someone who accepts themselves is confident, content and calm.

Listening to our Self-Talk

I see this part relating to the expectations we think others have of us. When we are accepting of ourselves and are practicing being compassionate, we can begin to address our self-talk. Listen to your inner dialogue and notice if it is helping or hindering.

You cannot control what others think of you, or what their “plan” for you is, but what you can control is how you deal with this. Focus on who you are, what you give to this world not who you should be and what you should be giving.

Listen to your inner dialogue and notice if it is helping or hindering.

Finally, a little quote form Oscar Wilde.

Expect the unexpected