Yesterday I spoke about the idea of creating and maintaining an inner sanctuary on my Insta: a place to go to when you need calm, peace, love and serenity; even when things are tough.

Today, I am talking you through a mindful, mediative practice which will really help you to enrich your inner sanctuary, making it easier for you to just close your eyes and be there when you need it most.

Now, I am calling this a meditative, mindful practice as it can be whatever you want it to be! Perhaps you want to journal, self-massage or you want to just sit, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the world of your inner-sanctuary. Maybe you want to use this time to do some slow movement, that's also ok. And finally, spend as long or as little on your inner sanctuary practice as you would like - 15 mins, 30 mins, 5 mins, whatever works for you.

This practice really tunes in to the senses: sight, sound, scent and touch.

First you have to set up your meditation or practice space and decide which or all of the senses you want to tap into.


Your inner sanctuary can be anywhere you want, by or in the ocean, a lake or river. Out in fields, woods or mountains. Amongst sandy dunes, a pebble beach or never ending coastline. Perhaps your inner sanctuary is somewhere familiar, a cosy nest at home, in a house or cottage. Or maybe your idea of calm is a blank canvas, a cube devoid of anything other than light or colour. the aim here is to get specific on where you feel most safe, where you feel calm, serene and content. There is the option to print out an image or painting that will help you tap into this sacred space of calm.


Sound has such an incredibly powerful affect on the human mind, body and soul, so it’s really important to consider what noises are around you in your inner sanctuary. Can you imagine the sound of birds overhead or do you want to have your favourite playlist on hand that you will play every time you want to retreat to your inner sanctuary? If you're someone who struggles to imagine things in your mind, then sound could be the most effective tool you use.


Incorporating aromatherapy will really help to deepen the relaxation and peaceful feeling in your inner sanctuary. Whether it’s an oil burner, on the go roller-ball or an energy cleansing mist before you start – brining the scents of nature into your inner sanctuary will make the whole experience even more powerful.


Soft textures evoke feelings of happiness and comfort, so you might want to consider wrapping yourself up in a fluffy blanket, using a weighted blanket and/or getting into some really cosy clothing. Make sure you're really comfortable and that the temperature is just right. You might want to consider having crystals or stones to ground you and invite healing energy into your sacred space.

Now it's time to set up your inner sanctuary practice nest - somewhere cosy and warm where you have your music, aromatherapy, blankets or whatever it is you need.

Like I said, it is up to you how to approach your practice, close your eyes and meditate, visualising yourself lying down on the Earth. Use the time to simply close your eyes and tap into your intuition - as long as you have the image of your inner sanctuary in your mind, you feel yourself there that's ok.

Not only is this meditative and mindful practice a really lovely experience for calming an anxious system, it also helps enrich your familiarity with your inner sanctuary enabling you to close your eyes and find yourself there whenever you need it.