Dear wonderful wild womxn,

This note from the universe is here to grant you permission to make that choice to be free, to rebel and to create magic.

You are in a world built up of masculine energy, your society is built by men for men, but I think it's time for you to start going against the grain and owning it!

Western society is dominated by masculine energy – “be strong”, “assert yourself” “do this, do that!” You are surrounded by logic, structure and order. But it’s not just this, your narrative as womxn shows a world favouring the masculine over the feminine.

I think that you have the capability to lead, be strong in your femininity, and create by nurturing and embracing your feminine powers. Embracing the cyclical nature of your own wonderful body, of the world around us, and of the seasons of each day and moment that there is. I think that you could create absolute magic by tapping into your intuition, by turning inward and finding time to reconnect with who you are.

Now of course you'll need a balance of these divine energies, a balance of yin + yang, masculine + feminine, soft+assertive (which the western world is slowly starting to regain). BUT, part of this balancing ritual will see you rise as the wild womxn you are, claiming your power and inviting in the divine feminine qualities.

So, in a masculine world what do you choose?

You can either conform to structure, order and sense of “doing” or you can make the choice to nurture your feminine energy, stand in your POWER and go against the grain.

Lots of love you wonderful, wild womxn,

The Universe xxx