A lot of us live super busy lives, maybe you live in a city where everything moves at a such a fast pace, or you have a demanding job, responsibilities and families. But this doesn’t mean that there is no time to live more slowly.

If you have a demanding job, use the time which you have wisely. Set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier to have your morning coffee in stillness reading a book, listening to the morning news or simply just being.

If you have a lot of responsibilities, use time in between tasks and jobs as time for you – be aware of that time and spend it how you want to. Make these intersections conscious.

Slow living is about being present and mindful as you move through your day.

My top 3 Ways to Live a Slower Life

1 Make the Most of Your Meals

We all have to eat right? So, use this time to really slow down and go at a pace which is right for you. Fit it into your routine, be conscious about what food your making and be present in the process. Use this time to just be!

2 Digital Detox

We live in an incredibly fast paced world, and sometimes I feel that our phones and social media and this digital world that is always ticking no matter the time only encourages this spinning hamster wheel of go, go, go! Make time to put your phone aside, shut your laptop at the end of the day with purpose and have some time screen free.

3 Surroundings

Create a home which allows you to run at your natural rhythm – think about colour palette, lighting and scent. Surround yourself with nature, bringing the outdoors in. Get outside every day and try to fit in some time to be mindful or mediate wherever you can.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, if you want to, you can live a slower and simpler life.