Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Yin Yang is the concept of two elements that are seemingly opposite actually having connection and complementing one another. We see Yin and Yang every day:

night (Yin) + day (Yang)

dark (Yin) + light (Yang)

moon (Yin) + sun (Yang)

female (Yin) + male (Yang).

Today, I’m talking about masculine and feminine energy and more specifically – why it's so important to tap into your feminine power. Each and every one of us can lean into our masculine and feminine energy – sometimes we choose to do this and sometimes situations bring out certain energies without us really being hugely conscious of it. But the more you tune into your feminine, listen to your inner wisdom and begin to be guided by the heart, the more aware you will be.

Masculine Energy

Reasoning, strength, action, doing, protective, logical, outward and structure.

Feminine Energy

Emotional, nurturing, receptivity, creative, intuitive, inward and flow.

It is common that we lean too much into our masculine energy – this means doing, acting and being logical. Not only do we as humans tend to tap into this energy, but our world is dominated by it. Although it is (so) important to tap into the feminine, like everything, there has to be a balance, and it’s important to not lose sight of the positive and crucial elements of the masculine.

When we lean towards the feminine, we follow with our heart, we find and speak our power – amazing things can happen. When you are in your feminine energy, the steps you take aren’t ones of rational and logical thinking, they are intuitive and creative. Taking time to be still, to nurture, heal, create and really engaging and awakening the feminine energy will mean that you are then able to balance yourself with all the positive elements of the masculine. You will have clarity, be able to move forward and take action with strength and confidence. But – for the masculine to be useful, the beautiful and powerful feminine energy has to be awakened and nurtured. From the feminine power we are able to manifest and visualise a future of abundance.

When we tap into our feminine energy, we are connecting with our inner wisdom, we are connecting with our inner power and nurturing our inner world which is so important for maintaining holistic alignment.