I got my first oracle deck back in 2017 I think it was, it was the Gabrielle Bernstein “The Universe Has Your Back”. I hadn’t used tarot or oracle before and I didn’t know what the cards could do, I was just really drawn to them. When I bought the deck, I had been having a really difficult time and had been really struggling with my mental health, but I was working on myself, spending more and more time really getting into holistic remedies. I had got a few crystals and was being called to the the world of wellness, spirituality and magic. I kept the cards laid out as decoration for a while, and they bought me comfort, inspiration or clam when I needed it.

As I moved through my early twenties, I was drawn like a magnet more and more towards this spiritual path, I started to have this hunger to find out more about divination, a need to tap into my own intuition, seek guidance from my higher self and lean into my inner wisdom. That’s when I picked up the cards and began to get a feel for what they could do. That's when I started to ask questions, try out different card spreads and use them as a means of guidance.

Since then, I have acquired a beautiful selection of oracle and tarot decks for different moods, personalities, questions and situations. Each day I spend time with my card decks, intuitively picking up the messages and symbolism of each card.

My holistic coaching philosophy includes the use of tarot and oracle because I have seen just how bloody powerful it can be; it connects you with your truth, with your intuition and with your inner wisdom and it complements your holistic coaching journey beautifully.

If you're thinking of getting yourself a deck, I would start with Oracle. I love oracle cards, because each pack is different, they’re isn’t the structure that you find in tarot and so I think this is a really good place to start if you are new to the world of divination. Or, if you are feeling called to, go for a tarot deck! Whichever feels right for you.

Spend some time looking at each of the cards, what comes to you? How does each card make you feel? When you are ready, ask a question, keep the question in your mind, state it to your higher self, to your angles or to your spirit guides. Then you can pick a card by fanning the cards out, splitting the deck with your hand or whatever feels right for you! You can try some different card spreads to find more in depth answers to your questions. Take time, tune in and see what comes to you.

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