This 4 week course offers the opportunity to explore holistic well-being and embark on your own journey of self-discovery. You will explore your inner and outer world by focussing on four key pillars:

connection // purpose // space // balance.


This also includes 2 aromatherapy roller ball blends.


You will connect with yourself on a deeper level, awaken your feminine energy and explore ways to find purpose and fulfilment. This programme will also enable you to create a calm space at home which will in turn create calm in your mind. When your inner and outer world are in simultaneous rotation, they are aligned, balanced and whole and so are you. I have created this course for women who are ready to start living authentically, who want to to live more intuitively and holistically, to connect the pieces and find balance.



-Connect with self wisdom

-Listen to intuition

-Connect with divine self

-Divine feminine

-Connect with nature

-Journal your thoughts, emotions and be grateful



-What is important to you

-What's your message to the world

-Letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you

-Visualising the future

-Personality tests




-Designing for well-being

-Holistic home

-Slow home

-Lists and organisation

-Aromatherapy for home




-Connecting with chakras

-Water + Food + Body

-Wheel of life

-Meditation + Mindfulness

-Aromatherapy for body





4 week course booklet with resources, journal prompts, exercises and tools.

4 bespoke guided meditations for each week.

Access to C+C tribe on Facebook.

A weekly video answering all your questions.

2 aromatherapy roller ball blends.

Self-Discovery Course + Oils


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