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December 2020

The sessions I have had with Katie were invaluable in helping me to reach my goal of living as my authentic self. Before our sessions, I felt I had no clarity and found it hard to push myself due to lack of confidence. Katie created a non-judgmental space where I could explore all of my emotions freely and assisted me in making huge breakthroughs. Being able to verbalise my thoughts gave me the clarity I was searching for and Katie allowed me to see that the answers were inside myself all along! After our sessions, I felt listened to and empowered. I can now go forward in life relying on the skills I built during sessions with authenticity and confidence.



October 2020

Coaching with Katie is a real treat! It is rare to find someone as energetic, engaging and personable. Katie is a talented coach with skills that I doubt they teach when studying to be a coach (but if that is the case, she makes it look effortless). I look forward to working with Katie as I have seen so much change in just a few sessions.



September 2020

After four sessions with Katie I’ve gained so much clarity about where I’m going next. We spoke about many things, but work was probably the most central theme. Katie listened without judgement, and reflected back to me, helping me to see things more clearly. Katie gave me the time and space to explore what I want and what’s important to me.  I already had the answers, I just didn’t know it, so thanks Katie for helping me uncover them.



September 2020

The major goals I had for the coaching sessions were to improve my confidence and assertiveness. Katie was great! Especially with your constant smile – it was welcoming and encouraging to me. The entire coaching experience with you was the best and most productive I've had so far. All thanks to you, today I have a meeting with some other ladies whom I'll be podcasting with soon.



August 2020

I wasn't really sure if I needed a life coach but having the sessions with Katie has been really transformative for me. It has really helped me to clarify some things about how I was living my life that weren't making me happy. Katie is really easy to talk to and non-judgemental, she is friendly and really constructive in the way that she talks. I wasn't expecting for the sessions to be as effective as they were and am looking forward to doing more!



September 2020

Katie is a brilliant and knowledgeable coach with outstanding active listening skills, pleasant personality and positive attitude! She has helped me tremendously to start a journey for becoming who I want to be, by holding me accountable whilst supporting me to build my consistency, self-discipline, self-respect, confidence skills and lastly but most importantly, to understand and practice the value of balance in my life! She is an outstanding and focused professional who without a doubt will guide and help you to become the best version of yourself.  Most importantly, Katie’s energy and inner light, understanding and compassion will make you open up your heart and be comfortable talking about concerns, issues and all the aspects of yourself that want to improve.



August 2020

I have currently been working with Katie to what will be coming into our third month of weekly meetings. During this time, I have been humbled by Katie's attention to my concerns and meticulous planning of our sessions allowing me to meet my objectives. I can firmly say that Katie's approach toward her client has been nothing but endearing thus allowing myself to feel at complete ease with discuss topics freely knowing that what I present is free from judgement. Since the beginning of our sessions, Katie's approach to life coaching has opened my mind to view my day to day in a different stance of which has nothing but greatly impacted my day to day. I very much look forward to continuing working with her.  



June 2020

Katie is an attentive and compassionate coach. I have been having sessions with her over the last few months and she has made a profound impact on my mindset, motivations and self-understanding. She has an amazing ability to read between the lines and ask the right questions. Her holistic approach has allowed me to safely explore thoughts and complexities that I often find difficult to discuss and I have been able to find the answer to these for the first time ever. I highly recommend Katie for anyone that is feeling a little lost and needs a supportive, perceptive and competent coach to guide them.


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